Testimonial/Feedback offered by GGP Students (Inception & Level 1)

Received and shared with gratitude

I enjoyed the day and found myself reaching into the depths of me. Growth happened, change is bubbling and there is a new beginning for me.

I love the variety and creativity offered. The concepts are unique and flow beautifully together in a seamless way. I am so incredibly lucky to be involved, thank you so much!

The Gateway Grid Teachings have assisted me to rest within myself again. As I move outward into the world I find it easier to face the challenges if I first stop to breathe, feel the quality and let the Gateway guide me.

A course that opens yourself up to a new way of seeing what life has and how to experience the gift. By being open to participate, no rushing and certainly listening, you are given gifts to guide you and uncomplicated your journey. The material and information gently, lovingly and supportively provided and intuited by the wonderful Marie.

I encourage everyone to attend this course; it will awaken you to open your heart and soul’s desire to manifest into reality. Love and blessings

The Gateway journey is a must for those who seek to feel involved in and connected to the synchronicities of life. It provides you with inspiring, practical tools to help you through trying times and discover more of who you really are!

The Temple Floor Level 1 has been a journey of self-discovery for me. I have truly found my strengths and how to use them in my everyday life. I feel empowered from Marie’s wonderful teachings. It has been a very uplifting soul journey.

 Simply amazing! Roll on Level 2.

Testimonials offered from Students of Previous Course Structures

Received and shared with gratitude

Thank you, Marie, for your guidance and wisdom throughout your courses “The Master Within” and the “Gateway”. Your gentle energy and radiance is a light at the end of the tunnel that is spiritual development. In “The Master Within” I found the first of a series of skins which needed to be peeled away. The process of unfolding and going within enabled me to do the “peeling” in a safe and supported environment. “Gateway” really enabled the process to come to completion. In the depths of the light, I found the brightness of the shadow and was freed.ASIMaster Within Group

Thank you once again


May 2014


I first met Marie when she came to Greenwood Yoga Academy as a student of Yoga and over the years I have observed Marie developing a deeper understanding of Yoga and herself which has helped Marie to develop her confidence to become a wonderful, intuitive and sensitive facilitator and leader. Marie is still after many years, a dedicated student of Yoga and continues to implement what she understands into her teachings. I have had some Aura-Soma consultations with Marie and from knowing Marie in this light I enrolled as a participant in Marie’s 1st course. I thoroughly enjoyed participating in and learning about, the interesting topics and therefore I would highly recommend Marie as an Aura-Soma practitioner and course facilitator.ASIGateway Girls 2011

Margaret Willcocks, owner GYA.

June 2014


Marie, your teaching is honest and open and very easy to understand and learn. The method that you use is clear and concise and the research that has been put into this course – both personal and literally – is obvious. I have learnt many things about myself, the Kundalini and the Sanskrit energy of the Chakras. Incorporating the yoga moves for each chakra has been great. Stretching the body in harmony with the mind is a wonderful way to finish each session. The meditations throughout the course have also been peaceful and insightful.

I would recommend The Rainbow You course to any who choose to further their pathway with openness and truth, to learn about themselves and to maybe help others.ASIChakra Course 2014

Jennie Stoeckel

March 2014


I really have enjoyed this course with Marie. She has an amazing way of teaching. Her wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm, together with a sense of peacefulness has been so inspiring. Marie has given me the confidence to progress further on my spiritual path.

Shirley Wells

March 2014


My dear friend Marie,

I really want to thank you for today.  The course was so beautifully, gently and lovingly presented and I just feel so connected to myself and to our home, the Earth Mother. You created an incredible space of love and comfort and I am so grateful to have been a part of the precious ceremony today.

May you continue spreading this joy, wisdom, healing and love with others.ASIMoon Island Course 2009

Peace and blessings,ASIMoon Island Despacho


2011ASIStar Child Course

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