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Marie Henson

Proprietor/Principal Facilitator




The Gateway Grid Paradigm was born of inspiration from my heart at a time where I was looking for a way to assist humanity through self-empowerment and inner realisation.

This process of unfolding and understanding the Gateway Grid ‘in me’ has taken several years and many hours of commitment, contemplation, meditation and inspired action. Only now do I feel ready to begin sharing the Gateway Grid Potential with you.

Many years ago, a young man (wise beyond his years) whom I had the pleasure of meeting, shared with me a truth he held close to his heart. A truth he had lived by and one which had helped him to work through adversity in his life. His sharing struck a chord with me and since then I have been living my life by the same principle.

It is this realisation, supported by many prompts along the way that led me to inner enquiry. The Gateway Grid Paradigm is a culmination of many years commitment to this inner enquiry. My desire and purpose is to inspire those souls who are either already on their path or those who wish to begin their own inner enquiry.

The truth of your life is within you and is unique to you. Only you have the answers, yet perhaps I may assist you by posing questions and offering techniques to lead you ever closer to your goal. I am merely a guide, assisting you to find your own ‘Inner Master’.

Together we learn, supporting each other on this precious journey of life. We are all students in life’s great adventure!



‘I devote my life in reverence to the highest love

May I see this love in all life

Regardless of its external appearance

For the highest love knows no separation

And pervades all that is creation

May this highest love shine through me

If it is Thy Will’

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